Stop Services in Exchange 2003 Cluster

What is the best way to shut down all the Exchange services in a Windows 2003 Cluster 2 node cluster?  We have to move data around between hard drives.  Before we can move the data all of the services need to be stopped.  We don't want to go in and just take all of the Exchange related resources offline without best practices recommendations.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, it is always better if you can dismount all the mail box stores and then stop the Info Store service so that the emails in the queue can be properly managed. otherwise, every thing is same for Clustered and Non Clustered Exchange environment as far as stopping the service is concerned.

You can simply take the group offline without any issues. That does not cause any problem. The cluster service will manage to take the resources offline one by one depending the "Dependencies" each resource has.

avidmedicalAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I took the advice in your comment and everything works.
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