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Server 2003 Motherboard temp goes up to 125 C

Hello Xperts

After Rebuilding a server in like 20 days, the motherboard of this server's temp goes up to 125 C and start to freeze and everything stop responding ....

I donno what's wrong or what could be done to diagnose the problem and to just make sure if it's the motherboard or something else?
I have Corporate edition of the program Everest and the Fintek Sensor is reading the 125 C of the motherboard temp.
All the other Devices i.e. "CPU, HDD, VGA, is below 40C"

Note that this is a Normal PC but has windows server 2003 installed on it.
Has 1 CPU fan .... I have checked the heat on the board... It's quite normal and cool..

Mohammed Hamada
Mohammed Hamada
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2 Solutions
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
does the BIOS on that mobo give temperature readings too?  Although the system won't run at full throttle when just displaying the BIOS screen, it'll get a bit close at least.  This would rule out a software error.  

I'd also try Motherboard Monitor too

what mobo is it?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The Bios has reading but no mobo temp reading only CPU..
I have tried Speedfan Program to read the Temp to make sure if the Everest program reading is correct ...
There's a 5 temp readings 4 of them is below 40 and one is 120C ....

I will try your program and let u know ...
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I didn't find my motherboard listed, though there was MSI but not the same type which is NEO P31..
I have made the settings needed for the read, however there's no Mobo reading ... only CPUs & Fans...

The weird thing is there's no heat at all coming from the board, the Case has 2 Fans that's cooling into the Board..
Could it be some Ohms went wrong?

I have replaced Processor with 2.2 core 2 due, I've replaced the ram sticks as i have 2 sticks each is 2 gigs.
I have replaced the PWU with 450 Watts instead of the current one that has 400 Watts...

The only thing left is to replace the MOBO...  Should i replace it ?
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It's possible that the motherboard sensor has gone.

You've swapped processors and the problem follows so that's pointing to motherboard.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Was the system working completely fine on the previous OS?  If so, it's unusual that a software change and a hardware fault occur at the same time, unless the board sustained some damage while you upgraded it.  

Run the system on as low a spec as possible - one stick of RAM, no optical drives, or additional cards, and see how it is, just to rule out as much hardware as possible causing the problem.  You may also want to try the old ram and cpu.

Have you installed the correct driver for the mobo for the server OS?

Apart from a test reinstall of the previous OS (to a different hard disk, to preserve your work so far), then I'd say that dbrunton is right, and it's a hardware issue.  Most mobo's these days have pretty good warranties, and MSI normally offer 2 years.

Are you sure you have the correct BIOS installed?


hth, Danny
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Still I didn't format the computer yet,, The same OS on it was working perfectly for approximately 20 or 25 days ...
note that the OS is win2k3 and it has not been shut down for those 20 days....

One thing I noted is after I had the first time freezing I restarted the computer and it works for a couple of mins and it shows the green icon of windows shield which indicates that windows has successfully updated the computer..

Now I have bought another MOBO "GIGA BYTE EP43-DS3L" for 150$ and installed it... the same symptoms happens the computer freezes in like 5 or 10 mins but all the devices temp i.e." Mobo, CPU, HDDs..etc" are ok...

I really don't wanna reinstall this OS as All the settings for the current Users and credential rights will change..

I have made an image using Acronis Image server, and backed up the system state 3 days ago only....

Get a memory tester and test your memory.  Try the UBCD http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

Let it do two to three passes.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
OK I will do that, but just one other thing and its weird ..

As i know when usually a computer freezes it stops receiving Keyboard signals .. But with my case the lights of caps lock, num lock & scroll lock works plus when I press ctrl + Alt + Del it will pop the box that has the 6 buttons on it.

Then when i Click on Task manager everything stops working and it freezes but the lights keys & mouse will still work...

Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I haven't done a mem test till now, however I wanna know if the components I have now fit to work together or not?
I mean I have a core 2 due processor 2.5 GHz with 4 gig ram 677 bus speed ...

The Processor has a foxconn fan which works on Celeron & Intel only, I'm not sure if I should have a different fan that would be designed esp for core 2 due even though the Processor's temp below 50 with Full CPU usage!!!

PS I'm not sure if the Power supply that I have now will Work properly with all these High Speed & Ram ....

I need an advise ..

Do a Google search on

PSU calculator

You'll get links to a variety of calculators that will give you estimates on what the rating of Your PSU should be.

>> The Processor has a Foxconn fan which works on Celeron & Intel only.

And quite probably it's enough.  If you want you can get a higher speed fan.

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