Adding user to 'log on as a service'

I have recently installed BES on 2003 r2.

I require the besadmin account to be able to start a service.

But when i go into local security settings then log on as a service the add user to the group button is grey'd out. Any idea how I can add this as I have to start the service as the domain admin and then change the credentials to the besadmin then restart and it seems to work ?

Im stumped, help would be great.
Ben CampbellIT User, Manager, DiplomatAsked:
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This user right is coming from a domain security policy. Use gpresult or the GPMC to find out where it's coming from, and then either add the account directly in this GPO, or create a new GP with a higher priority and add the service account there (and other accounts requiring this permission - User Rights policies in different GPOs are not additive, the last one applied "wins" it all).
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