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Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me!

im trying to create a scrolling news section on our home page, the code needs to read the news headline from the database though and it will vertically move the news items up and if the user clicks on an item it will take them to the detail page.  when the scroller is finished it would need to start automatically.

i seem to find ones that are all static text within the javascript function.

Thanks in advance
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You can use Coldfusion to populate the javascript string.

<cfquery name="getNews" datasource="dsn">

<script type="text/javascript">
<cfoutput>var jsNews = new Array(#getNews.RecordCount#);</cfoutput>
<cfoutput query="getNews">
 var arrayLine = new Array(2);
 arrayLine[0] = #GetNews.ID#;
 arrayLine[1] = #GetNews.Title#;
 jsNews[#getNews.CurrentRow#] = arrayLine;

That code's a bit of a mess, but basically you're using cfoutput to populate javascript variables.  I've done the above as a 2D array, but you can do it however you need to for your javascript to do the scrolling text to work.

erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
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