CRM 3.0 Outlook client triggers MacAfee bo:heap warning...

When users create a New Appointment in Outlook,  "Set Regarding" in the Microsoft CRM Toolbar to associate a Contact with the Appointment, then click "Save & Close", it triggers the MacAfee warning for the "bo:heap" Virus.  

Do you know how to prevent this?
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To your second question, if your users have set the flag to syncronize appointments, it should.

Let me understand your first part...."Outlook Client is on the client-side"  What I was looking for was if you tested it from IE on a client machine. I think you are saying that the script is running on the client in the case of Outlook?

What version of McAfee are you running with what patch version?

I assume that bo:heap ISN'T on the machine?  The way it comes up is very odd the whole if they try to do too many? (how many is that before it starts happening?)

McAfee used to not play nice with .NET add-ins, but I would think 2-3 years later that should be behind it.

Anything helpful in the McAfee or Windows Event History?
This has been floating around for a while and does not appear to be answered by anyone.
Can you try to do the same thing in IE and see if it triggers the same event (I assume this is readily reproduceable?)  Does it happen all the time for anyone doing this, or for certain people?

Do you have any CRM 3.0 rollups installed? (Server and/or client?)
rock815Author Commented:
Thanks WilyGuy....  IE doesn't trigger it, ever.  Probably because the Outlook Client is on the client-side.  MacAfee actually references Outlook.exe as the culprit.  The virus warning (which results in not automatically doing the appointment in CRM) happens about every other time if a user does many appointments during one sitting...

I have rollup 3 on the clients and I believe on the server too...

On another note, when you add the appointment in CRM via the web, should it automatically put the appointment on your outlook / exchange calendar?  I didn't think it works that way...

Thank you  
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You may want to fully uninstall McAfee, reboot, and then reinstall the latest version.  We're using McAfee in our organization and are not receiving the same error that you are.

Also, if you have ScriptSense activated, you may want to deactivate this.  It can cause significant delays in CRM page loads.
Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
MAke sure Outlook & office have the latest service packs / hotfixes installed
bo:heap error , indicates that the originating application (outlook.exe) in your case is vulnerable to a buffer overflow.
rock815Author Commented:
The latest version of MacAfee ended up resolving this issue.  I appreciate all your guys' time!  Many Thanks!
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