blackberry user error "desktop unable to send message"

Hi all,
I have read and tried many of the solutions in most all of the related posts on this topic.
I am the only user having this issue with a blackberry that will not send from my AD account.  My question is sort-of two fold:
1.  If everything was working fine for a long time - and only now I have begun to have a problem, and if I believe that the issue is my being a Domain Admin - shouldn't i just be able to remove myself as a DAdmin (since I dont really need to be) and solve the problem?
I did so, and rebooted the box, and it seemed to work fine - but the BESAdmin Send As and Rec As permissions keep disappearing from my Security Tab.
If i just remove myself from being an Admin - and have been removed for days now, and that isn't solving my problem - then what next?  It seemed to have worked for a little while.  I was able to send for a few hours or so maybe, but then - the red X came back again.

I added the ViewOnly Admin property to my ESM.
I tried stopping services and doing the permissions as outlined in other posts.
I compared my permissions to other users who have no problems sending.

The only thing I did NOT do is that whole running Script thing, because, as embarassed as I am to admit it - I know very little about running scripts, reading and interpreting the language properly, where and how to run them, etc.
I think I know, and I can reason it out to myself in my head, but I hesitate to do it...

I have a dozen tabs open in my browser with multiple answers from EE on this, and Microsoft help docs and Blackberry forums etc etc.

So, I was hoping someone could help me cull all of this info and lets see where I am going wrong or what I am not doing...

As always - I assume more info may be needed to get at the issue, so dont hesitate to ask me for further info - I am happy to provide whatever is necessary to solve this.

It is REALLY irritating!!!

p.s. this is one of the questions tha prompted me to ask another question (see ID 24137943) about having both Exch2003 and my BES on the same box.

At some point I assume I will stop admitting this - but I am a self-taught person with a liberal arts background, who took over ops for a small business and have done pretty damn well thus far - but there is alot i would go back and do differently, of, bear with me...
The only
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only bit you have to change is the domain bit.

So leave this alone:
dsacls "cn=adminsdholder,cn=system

It is the domain, not the server. So if your domain is example.local then you set the second part as dc=example,dc=local
If the domain was then it would be


Then finally you change the mydomain\besadmin to whatever your domain is and the besadmin account.

It is your internal WINDOWS domain, not your SMTP domain.
The server name has nothing to do with it.

What did you reboot?
Exchange caches permissions for two hours. The cache is only flushed if the store is restarted. Blackberry also needs to pick up permission changes which can take 20 minutes. You need to restart the router service for that to take effect.

What built in groups are you a member of? Have you checked you are not a member of Builtin\Administrators as well?

mmoroccoAuthor Commented:

I stopped the bb router service for at least a 1/2 hour while i tinkered around and checked various setting and did most of what I detailed above.
The i later rebooted the entire server, which should have restarted the Exch store and everything else, right?  Although i did not do this until several hours after I did all the other stuff.

And yes, I did ensure that I am not a member of the builtin admin group.

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Your problem is due to the fact that you were an Admin. Admins are "protected" in AD by a thing called "AdminSDHolder". this object forces every 20-30 minutes the permissions on itself down to the admins. If you change your permissions on your object, this basically resets it.

See this question to see how to grant the permissions:
mmoroccoAuthor Commented:
OK. That makes sense, you're saying that even though I have removed myself - this AdminSDHolder is still forcing permissions upon my user?  I can understand that.

But can you help me out a little more.  I know very little about running scripts.  
I have the support tools window open, but I am not understanding how to put the command together.  Forgive me but programming language and scripts are not my thing.

I keep seeing things like:
dsacls "cn=adminsdholder,cn=system,dc=mydomain,dc=com" /G "mydomain\besadmin:CA;Send As"

But I have to admit I dont know what to do with that.
Do I type all of that out from beginning to end?  is the first half an example showing what I am supposed to replace?  Do I include "

Sorry - not trying to be dense.  But this is the kind of thing I know can potentially do more harm than good if I screw it up...

if my name was                   Tom Thomson
if my domain was        (or do i want .local)
if my server name was        serveroh1

how do i put this all together.
At the command prompt, what should I type???  Do i type all of this?  

dsacls "cn=Tom Thomson,cn=severoh1,dc=exchange,dc=com /G "exchange\besadmin:CA;Send As"

and then hit enter?  and keep my fingers crossed???
mmoroccoAuthor Commented:
WOW!  That was so cool.  I didn't think I was gonna get around to doing it.
"The command completed successfully"
I restarted the BB Router svc and restarted the Exch Info Store.

I just successfully sent an email to myself.  Holy Crap!  It really is the little things in life, isn't it?!?!

I am upping the points on this to 300, because I feel like you went the extra mile with helping me.

However, I am going to leave this open for 24 hours or so, or at leas overnight.  And I will report back hopefully with a successful status and close this puppy up and onto more questions for all of you!

mmoroccoAuthor Commented:
At this point.  All seems to be working well.  I am now off to get other problems solved thanks to expertise such as yours.
And I am going to look into moving my BES as discussed in that other thread we had going!

Thanks again for the patience and the careful detailed instruction!
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
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