Cannot add new drive to Symantec Backup Exec 12

We are having an issue with our Dell Tape Drive... its just not functioning but we have a back up Sony SIT Tape drive. It does work. I went to our data center and installed the back up Sony Tape drive and its being recognized in device manage and I installed the good drivers for it. I found an older article in reference to this stating to update the drivers for BE so I did that as well. At this time however, I still cannot add the Sony Drive to BE. It states that there are no devices available to add to the device pool. Do I have to create a new device pool? I thought BE should just recognize a new media set, thats what happened in the past, but its not... Thanks!
Howard KatzDatabase Report DeveloperAsked:
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Jason WilcoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You need to be sure you're using the Symantec Backup Exec drivers. If the drive is showing in device manager you should be able to add it to BE. You can run a utility called TapeInst.exe to add it and install the proper drivers. You'll find it here;

c:\program files\symantec\backup exec\tapeinst.exe  

You don't need to mess with the drive pool to see the drive in BE. Also, i wanted to correct you on the reference to 'media set'. You're installing a new 'Device' not a media set. A media set is independent of the device, it's just a organizational container for controlling media properties.

Let me know how that goes, be sure to provide detail of the steps you took and any errors you see.
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