How do I get around this error in CRM? Action Microsoft.crm.config.common.installdatabaseaction failed. The network path was not found.

How do I get around this error in CRM? Action Microsoft.crm.config.common.installdatabaseaction failed.  The network path was not found.
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crm_infoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have seen this type of error when upgrading a client machine from CRM 3.0 to 4.0.  It is likely that it could also happen if you are trying to re-install 4.0 on the same machine, or possibly if SQL Express is already installed for some other application.

One KB article that could be helpful:

Another helpful Blog entry:

One thing we have done in the past is to fully uninstall CRM 4.0 (and/or 3.0) client from the user machine - reboot and then try a reinstall.    A couple of notes if you try this approach:
(1) Uninstalling the CRM client is not your typical uninstall.  You'll need to take several steps.  They're documented fairly well here:
(2) You may also need to fully uninstall SQL Express and/or previous versions of the local copy of SQL Server (the name escapes me at the moment, but look for anything like "Microsoft SQL" or "SQL Express" in your installed programs and remove them).
(3) CAUTION: If you have other programs that rely upon SQL Express (or previous versions) then performing the uninstall will remove them.  Make sure you don't mess up any other programs on the user's machine by doing this.

Other "funny" things we have run into when installing the client that you should be aware of:
* CRM and BCM (Business Contact Manager) are not compatible with each other.  You need to fully uninstall the BCM before you can install and use CRM.
* If Office 2007 was installed on the machine, and was subsequently uninstalled and rolled back to a previous version of Office, this will cause issues.  You'll need to make some registry edits to fix this (let me know if this is the case and I can dig out those instructions from wherever we have filed them away).

Hope something above helps!
I'm assuming you are seeing this on a CRM installation?  I'll also assume CRM 4.0?  Is the Server or Client?

What kind of rights do you have on SQL?  Is SQL on the same domain?  What Protocols are open on SQL?
jgould763Author Commented:
I'm getting this error when running the CRM configuration on the client.  Is it CRM 4.
One Domain.
I'm not good with SQL so I don't have the answers to the other two questions.
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Ah, so you must be configuring the OFFLINE client.
What is the architecture and OS? What are your rights on the machine?  Any disk compression being used?

Are you trying to upgrade or clean install?  Was it at any time installed for anyone else on this computer?
jgould763Author Commented:
XP Pro, Domain Admin, No compression, clean install, no other users on this machine.
Interesting.  Anything else on the machine that might have been installing/using SQL Express (of any version/flavor?)

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