Adobe Acrobat Standard vs. Professional AND Ver. 8 vs. Ver. 9

In doing a comparison of features between Acrobat Standard vs. Professional, I've found some conflicting information between the two.  For version 9, looking at Adobe's feature matrix shows that Standard can "Easily create fillable PDF forms from paper or existing files using the Form Wizard".

However, in reading various other sources on the Internet, they all say you need Professional to create fillable forms.  To clarify what I understand a fillable form to be; a form a person can complete and print using only the Reader version of Adobe.  I guess this is called "interactive form elements", but perhaps I have a misconception.  I also believe that using the Reader version, even if a person can fill in fields, that they cannot save the changes, only print.  Is that true?

Also, I'm looking for a viable alternative to the "binder" feature in Acrobat wherein a user can select multiple documents of different formats, such as .docx & xlsx, and then convert them all into a single multi-page PDF file.  I've tried Foxit and CutePDF, etc.  But, to the best of my understanding all of these products require the files to be in PDF format already before you can combine them into a single file.  Is this true, or have I just not figured it out.
We have a blend of Acrobat Standard & Pro, and ver. 8 & 9 licenses and Im trying to figure out how to best allocate them bases on actual user needs.
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
In Acrobat 9, the form creation got moved to Standard. In addition, there is now also a Acrobat 9 Pro Extended with more features than Pro (there is no "Professional" version anymore, it's now called "Pro").

I am not aware of any other application that can create portfolios (which is the new "binder') with other file formats.  
commongroundwaAuthor Commented:
Hi, ok thanks for that clarification, actually for "those" clarifications.  So, to further clarify, you're saying that the "binder" function is now called "portfolios" in version 9?  But, it was just "binder" up through ver. 8 then, right?
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I Acrobat 8, it was actually called a PDF Package. The Portfolio is more than a package: You can create an interface to your documents with a Flex program (or use one of the ones that come with Acrobat 9). Binder - if I remember correctly - was the name that was used in Acrobat 7 to combine pages from multiple PDF files into one file (but that would eliminate the documents, you would just end up with a bunch of pages).
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