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Posted on 2009-02-12
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18

i have dropped the some partitions on table. and i got lot of space at tablespace. when i am trying to resize the the existing datafile i am getting this problem.

alter database datafile '/opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db4/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1k.dbf' resize 20000M;
alter database datafile '/opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db4/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1k.dbf' resize 20000M
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-03297: file contains used data beyond requested RESIZE value

i though it is the problem with high water mark.  how to down the high water mark.

how to shrink the table partitions. please provide help me to get space back to file system level

TS                ID FILE                                                                                  (M)           (M)     PCT
--------------- ---- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- ------------- -------
LARGEDATA          6 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db2/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1a.dbf       30,000.00     11,024.00   36.75
                   8 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db8/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1b.dbf       30,000.00     11,104.00   37.01
                  11 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db8/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1c.dbf       30,000.00     11,648.00   38.83
                  12 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db8/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1d.dbf       30,000.00     12,544.00   41.81
                  16 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db8/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1e.dbf       29,000.00     12,256.00   42.26
                  20 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db7/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1f.dbf       30,000.00     12,368.00   41.23
                  23 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db7/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1g.dbf       30,000.00     12,512.00   41.71
                  26 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db7/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1h.dbf       30,000.00     12,624.00   42.08
                  28 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db7/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1i.dbf       30,000.00     12,864.00   42.88
                  30 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db7/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1j.dbf       29,000.00     12,512.00   43.14
                  31 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db4/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1k.dbf       30,000.00     13,424.00   44.75
                  32 /opt/mis2/oracle/data/BMVZWSTG/db4/data/BMVZWSTG/BMVZWSTG_largedata1l.dbf       30,000.00     13,392.00   44.6

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Accepted Solution

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Use the below query to resize your data files...

column file_id and file_name can be understood.
column total_size_m is the total space allocated through that file.
column free_size_m gives the free space in that file.
column used_size_m gives the used space in the file.
column resize_to gives the space to which you can resize the data file. here i have given 50MB as buffer to be on the safer side to resize which can take care of immediate space growth. you can modify it accordingly to 200MB or 500MB according to your database space requirements.

SELECT dfs.file_id, ddf.file_name,
(ddf.bytes)/1024/1024 total_size_M,
(ddf.bytes/1024/1024 ) - free_size_M used_size_M,  
((ddf.bytes)/1024/1024 - free_size_M + 50 ) resize_to
FROM dba_data_files ddf,
(SELECT file_id, SUM(bytes)/1024/1024 free_size_M
FROM dba_free_space
GROUP BY file_id) dfs
WHERE ddf.file_id = dfs.file_id;

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