Crystal Reports 2008 and Informix (on Unix)


I just purchased Crystal Reports 2008 and I can't connect to my Informix database on my Unix server. Previous versions of Crystal I have had no issues with (still running 8.5 with no problems).

I do have the latest IBM Informix Client SDK drivers and can successfully connect to the Informix database (as always) with those, BUT only outside of Crystal:

I have gone through the install of Crystal and selected everything. Once complete, I don't have the option of the CR Informix driver in ODBC Admin.

I found this link:
and downloaded these drivers:

After Installing those drivers, I now have the option in ODBC - driver "CR Informix ODBC Driver 5.3". I tried setting up a data source using these, but upon test connect I get this error:
"Crystal ReportsODBC Informix driverInformixA syntax error has occured"

I have tried the "Informix Online Server" option in the database expert utility in Crystal. I can see my database and tables, but upon querying them I get this error:
"Failed to retrieve data from the database"

I know I have all the server and login credentials correct.

Any help would be appreciated!
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As stated those drivers arre for much later versions of Informix.  It may be there is no way to use Informix 5 with CR2008

Is this from the designer when you try to create a report?

It seems from a quick search that you have the correct drivers
This article says they are for Informix 9.4 and 10.0

What version of Informix do you have?

AConoverAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying.

If I install the Informix drivers for Crystal, create and ODBC datasource, I get the error.  I also get the error creating a new database connect from within Crystal.

I'm using Informix 5.
AConoverAuthor Commented:
That got me thinking.  I had some older datadirect drivers (v4.2).  I installed them and they seem to be working with Crystal 2008 and Informix 5.

AConoverAuthor Commented:
Not the answer I was hoping for, but nonetheless it's accurate.  Thanks.
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