GPUpdate /force hangs and empty desktop while offline


LAPTOP: HP 8230 ; XP SP3 eng.
NETWORK: 2DCs Windows server 2003 SP2 Std

I have a big problem with a laptop on my network. It is the second case like that. For the first case, I just reinstalled the laptrop without loosing too much time on the problem. But now, I think that this may be on the server side...

I think that the GPOs containing settings for the "computer" section are not being applied. Also, when I am logged with a network user account and I launch gpupdate /force it hangs. (but It works well in safe mode)

I also have problem when I want to use the same laptop offline. I can't logging well. Rught after I enter my credentials, the system wait wait wait with an empty desktop and a mouse cursor (that I can move)... The local user for this computer can login while offline.

I verified the Secure Channel using nltest.exe and the results looks fine.

Can someone help me please....
Thank you so much!
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would verify that there is nothing interfering with Explorer.exe

Two things.....

How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" state

Then retry it.... If it works, you can use goood old fashioned "Process of elimination" to start enabling services/startups in chunks to see if something rears it's head as the culprit...

Secondly.... Make sure the PC is virus/spyware free.... - AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware!
One of the best on the market (and it is free, although you can upgrade and get Real Time Protection)

Manual Definitions Download....

Also, no reported errors by Winlogon, or Explorer as a "hungapp" in the logs?
For better troubleshooting I suggest the following:

- Start the laptop with the network cable connected and wait until you see the login screen.
- Then start the computer management console (compmgmt.msc) on a server or another XP computer with a domain administrator account and choose to connect to another computer and type in the NETBIOS or DNS name of the laptop.
- You should now have accesss to the event log of the laptop. Are there any errors in it related to group policies?
Both of these problems point to the source on the local box as Explorer.exe.....

I would start with the System File Checker...


sfc /purgecache
sfc /scannow

You WILL need the XP CD for this to complete...

Scannow sfc
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virginie8Author Commented:
Thank you for your answers:
I did two things:

--1-- JBlond / I did what you asked me. But here is no entries regarding GPOs in the event viewer.

--2-- Johnb6767 / I did both switches for sfc command but I still have the same problem.

As I wrote before, the GPupdate/force hangs in normal mode but not in safe mode.
I know the the computer GPOs are no applied because normally I encrypt Offline files and I disable this option. With this computer, the Offline files are not encrypted and the option is available...
The user GPO are applied because the login script works well.

Thank you
JBlondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think there are two problems, the user profile and the group policy problem.
User profile
If the problem still persists after you have tried a clean boot as johnb6767 proposed, maybe there's something wrong with your user profile. Connect to the laptops administrative share \\LAPTOPNAME\C$ when its displaying the logon screen with a domain administrator account and rename the folder of your profile in the "Documents and Settings" folder. After that try to login with your account.
Group policy
Please go to the group policy management console on one of the servers and create a "Resultant Set of Policies" (RSoP) for the combination of the laptop and the user.
If you don't know how to do that, it is described here...
Access RSoP data for an existing computer and user (logging mode)
Is the setting for the offline files encryption listed in the RSoP? If not, then its likely that the computer account of the laptop is not stored where the group policies are applied.
virginie8Author Commented:

1-- I started XP with clean boot state as suggested. After that, I was able to loggin with network user when offline. But the gpupdate /force wasn't working.

2-- I ran the scan on that computer using and there was only some cookies...

3-- I also discovered that when I uninstall the Kaspersky Antivurus, I don't have anymore problem. I contacted Kaspersky support and they told me that they never heared of cinflict between KAV and GPOs...


1-- I deleted all the profiles (except local admin) and that didn't solved my problem

2-- I ran the RSoP for this computer with a network user and I got a weird result. For the computer part, there was an error for the registry part (when I looked for the properties). I got: Registry processed successfully but failed to log resultant set of policy information."

3- The Offline files encryption is "ON" in the RSoP.

From now, I really don't know what to do...
virginie8Author Commented:

** I ran again the RSoP for this computer without KAV installed. There was NO error at all....
Please check again, if there are now errors in the event log without KAV installed. If not, please rejoin the computer to the domain. After a restart, login with the domain administrator account and try a gpupdate /force again. After that there should be some group policy related entries in the event log.
virginie8Author Commented:
I finally found the problem: Kaspersky component: Proactive defense. As soon that I disable it, everything works perfectly. It is one of the 6 security components included in the KAV package that we bought. I will try to configure it in order to let the gpo apply as supposed.

Thank you guys for your help.
Thank you for the information!
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