HTC fuze radio doesn't start up

Hi all

I have an htc fuze that I have in the past been able to connect the usb dongle and headphones and listen to the radio.  Now all of a sudden when I connect the dongle it brings up this tv-out option.  I am not able to now use the radio option.  I have done a hard reset a few times and still have not been able to solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated
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NosekzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It looks that headphones are broken. Because HTC extUSB connector have option for recognize which cable is connected into device and there is any close circuit probably. Can you try other headphone?

sorry for my poor English
Wher did you get your phone from? Att? HTC?
erozenbAuthor Commented:
I got it from at&T and installed a cab file that I found on XDA website.

It has worked for me up till now but all of a sudden it triggers the tv out feature on the phone when I plug in the headphones

Thanks for all of the help

erozenbAuthor Commented:
sorry the cab file was for the radio function that was left out of the fuze
erozenbAuthor Commented:
I have since return the phone and have gotten a new one from AT&T.  Luckily the phone was still under warranty.  

Thanks for all the help I appreciate everything that you guys have been able to offer.

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