How to create a SQL Server perfomance condition alert for all databases and call a job?

When I create a SQL Server  perfomance condition alert, the wizard asks for a database to apply. But I want create an alert not for one, but for all databases wich logs sizes excceeds 80% of  it´s maximum size. The SQL Server event alert wizard has the option to choose all databases, but the SQL Server  perfomance condition alert wizard doesn´t have. After, I´d like that this alert calls a job that receives the name of the database and execute it´s full log backup.
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Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
Ideally, Each and every databases varies in nature and hence their performance counters have to be calculated Database wise only and not at the Server level.

Server level configurations can be identified using the SQL Server Event alerts
And database level alerts can be identified using SQL Server Performance Condition alerts.

Hence the answer is you cant create a single SQL Server Performance condition alert for all databases. You have to create individual alerts for each and every database in your server.

And for the next question, yes you can for each and every alert, you can configure some job to be done for that particular alert. To accomplish that, Create a job in SQL Server agent and then assign it over here.

Hope I have answered your question.
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