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I got something weird going on here.  I am running Vista on my laptop.  I have all the updated admin tools installed on my laptop.  I used the GP Management Version and created a GPO that has registry changes in it.  When I go to the settings tab and click show all, I see all my settings, looks great.  The policy I created isnt applying, so I go to the DC (Win2K3). On the DC I open up GP Management, I go to my GPO, click settings, its blank????  But I see all the settings in there from my machine through my GP management.  The server GP Management version is 1.0.2.  I applied the Microsoft Group Policy 2003 and 2008 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007, still no luck.  I also installed the Windows Server 2003 Hot Fix KB950085, again no luck.  Any ideas????

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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Vista group policies are stored locally unless you create a central store and upload them to your domain controller.  You can create the store on one DC of course and it will replicate to the others.  Take a look at this article:
You'll need to scroll down a bit in the article and find the section titled "Create a central store" - this will guide you in setting up the central store and copying the group policies from your Vista working to that store on your DC.
I have several policies that we have to create and maintain in Vista because the templates that hold the information are not available in 2003. So GPMC on the same policy when viewed on Vista will allow me to see settings that I can't see when looking at the same policy on a 2003 GPMC.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Once you create the central store, the policies will be applied to all Vista machines.  You will, however, still need to administer those policies from a Vista workstation. You won't be able to administer them from your Win2K3 domain controller.
stetlersAuthor Commented:
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