MOSS Library lost permissions...inheriting not restoring to doc level. How to force inherit perms

I have a large library that has lost it's permission settings.  The library has several (20) folders, and hundreds of documents in the folders.  When I look at the document permission...there are none. Same for the folders.  I have forced inheritance at the folder level as well as the library level, but the documents are not inheriting.  So all users, except me...the admin...can not see the documents.  Is there a way to force permissions down to the doc level?
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cmv131Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Moving with version history has always been an issue in my opinion.  You could try via "Manage Content Structure" since you are using MOSS (I have never tried this as we are only WSS, but read that it might work)

Import / export with STSADM on the server will move versions, but can only move site collections or subsites

Also See this article -- It has a programatic answer
If each of the individual documents have broken inheritance you may be in trouble.  If you look at the permissions of an individual document, does it let you inherit (and take the inheritance)?

You could try creating another document library with the permissions you want, opening both in Windows Explorer view and copying the files from the old to the new and see if it keeps the permissions..  It should default everything to the library permissions, so anything custom would have to be redone, but it is better than redoing every document
tm3Author Commented:
Oh...very close.  First off...the document does allow inheritance to be set manually from the Actions menu.  The problem is the hundreds of items.  But your suggestion gave me hope.  

I can get a new set of permissions by Copying via the Explorer windows.  Bad news is that I loose the version information.  It only copies the current major version, so version 14.0 becomes 1.0..any thought on how to save the history?  This is a Standard Operating Procedures it is important.  Thanks
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