Control ID's Outlook 2003 - Group Policy

I want to test a policy that removes the send and receive button from Outlook 2003.  I need to know what the control ID is for that particular button. Microsoft says you can use VBA to accomplish this but I do not have access to this application nor do I know how to use it.  Can someone please give me the control ID for this button, and a list of others if available.

This is the Link to the MS article and the paragraph about the IDs

Finding control IDs in Visual Basic for Applications
You can look up control IDs for any item on a menu or toolbar in Office 2003 applications by using Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA). You can either look up a single control ID or use a macro to find a series of control IDs. Then you enter the control ID into the Group Policy snap-in to disable that menu command and
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ob1_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook Spy will give you the Control ID's for anything in Outlook:

tsg01Author Commented:
Thank you sir I will give it a try tomorrow.
tsg01Author Commented:
Ok that worked great,  it was able to find the control ID for everything I would ever need to disable.

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