Best way to stream live video and powerpoint

We would like to stream live video to our branch offices with the need to switch from video to a PowerPoint and back during the broadcast.  What is the best way to do this?  After some experimentation it seems that streaming video is easy, but I'm just not sure about how to switch back and forth between two sources.  We probably have most of the hardware needed.  I guess I need a solution that will allow us to switch between a PowerPoint and live video easily, without turning it into a huge production.
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Tofu4679Author Commented:
Our final solution was to broadcast using Windows Media Encoder (it's free) using two video sources (hence capture cards).  One captured the video camera, and another capture card captured the output of another computer running the power point (DVI to HDMI adapter).
What about streaming the video to a website and putting that into PPT? You can use LiveWeb to add the live webpage to PPT. 

Otherwise, I'd probably just alt+tab between PPT and the video source.
This was originally done, post the advent of Powerpoint (mid 90s) via video conferencing hardware such as Polycom Viewstations via ISDN telephone lines. This is still the most effective method, but the most costly as every station has to have the conferencing hardware.
Then came the IP (Internet) solutions like Microsoft's Net Meeting (which has been updated to a 2007 version)
and various IP software methods -- keeping in mind that the quality differs from those using dedicated servers to those sharing Internet traffic.
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