help understanding paper on multilateration (pdf provided)

ok... please download the pdf and help me understand a paragraph on the second page
under paragraph titled II. EUCLIDEAN AND DTOA SPACES

The first paragraph... I understand that Si is the location of the readers in the R2 space and i is the number of readers. But what is Sj here...

thanks in advance

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Gonna take a stab at this although I am no expert in this area - I believe k is the number of sensors and not i as you suggest. I think that Si and Sj simply represent two sensors.. sensor i and sensor j.
Si is initially used to describe the set of points: S1, S2, S3... Sk.
Later in the paragraph Si refers to any of those points. Sj is simply used to refer to any of the points other than Si.
I think blahphish is correct.

Si is the ith sensor located at (Xi, Yi)

Sj is a different sensor.

They need to use a different subscripts so they can refer to the
arrival time differences between pairs of sensors:  dTij
jtiernan2008Author Commented:
Thanks for clarifying this...
I'd say this is not the last you will see of me and this paper ;)
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