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Reinstallation of Windows Xp Pro with SATA deviecs enabled

I have a Compaq NC6400 notebook that previously belonged to an ex employee. I would like to reinstall Windows Xp Pro. However, this laptop has a password protected bios and contains SATA devices that require disabling in order to reinstall the OS. I've tried reseating the cmos battery but this still did niot allow me access to setup. Do you know of any other way of reinstalling the OS without installing a new system board?
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1 Solution
Yes, how long did you leave the battery out of the motherboard? try leaving it out for around 5 or 6 minutes before putting the CMOS battery back in. If this does not work, there should be a jumper somewhere on the motherboard to reset the BIOS password. Hope this helps!
cheyligerAuthor Commented:

I kept the CMOS battery out for a few minutes but will try keeping it out for 5 or 6 hrs. However, according to HP Support if removal of the CMOS battery does not work then the only other alternative is to replace the motherboard. Do know where the jumper is located on that reset the bios password.

That link has these steps:

1) Turn off computer
2) Disconnect AC adapter
3) Remove battery pack, and remove the laptops keyboard
4) Disconnect RTC (Real Time Clock) battery (located underneath the keyboard, the red/white wire)
5) Leave off for five minutes
6) Reconnect the RTC battery and reassemble the laptop
8) Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS by pressing F10
9) Set the new BIOS password and save all settings.
10) Turn off the laptop and reinsert the battery

Happy re-installing!
cheyligerAuthor Commented:
When I tried previoussly to reset the password I also did power it back on with out the CMOS battery and then turned it off again and reinstalled the CMOS battery and tried again. The end result wa sthat it did not work.
In addition HP support indicated that there were two types of passords for entering the bios on this  laptop and one of them could not be reset by doing what you described above.
cheyligerAuthor Commented:
Hi Heliumhigh,
I did everything you recommended except that I left the laptop disassembled overnight and it worked out really well. I can now get into setup and I can now disable the SATA devices and start reinstalling Windows Xp. Thank you once again.

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