Can I recover an overwritten ppt?

I was working on a presentation which I saved to the hard drive, the next day I finished the presentation, but saved it in a different location.  I think I then accidently saved the first incomplete version over the finished one.  I'm using MAC OS Leopard and have a 'time machine' but it may have been disconnected because I can find the first saved version but not the second (ie the completed one and the one I need).  Any ideas?
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The Time Machine should tell you the exact dates and times it backed up.

You could also try the free demo of this software to see if it can help you find the file on your Time Machine back up.:
I think you're out of luck unless you send the hard drive off to a forensic lab to get the data back.

If you are using backup software and making daily backups you could just go the previous days backup and restore the ppt from there.

If you dont, and you sure there are no other copies of this file, your pretty much out of luck.
propfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick replies.  I have found it though - by opening ppt and then on the drop down menu for file, it lists the last 5 ppt, one of which was the one I need.  Simple.
I guess it wasn't overwritten after all. You could also probably have found it with Spotlight.
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