Sharepoint 3.0 + MSProject Server + AD

I have a sharepoint 3.0 office server installation and i'm trying to sync my project server with security groups  Active Directory in active directory to use them as resources for my projects.  I generate an error EventID 7732 every time:
Any idea what has "checked out " the resource I need?  Any idea how to clear it?
Standard Information:PSI Entry Point: 
Project User: domain\Username (changed)
Correlation Id: 9679f335-81c5-4eee-b6f1-392c57cf30d5
PWA Site URL: http://tfatl/pwa
SSP Name: SharedServices1
PSError: Success (0)
Changes were detected for a resource during Project Server Active Directory Synchronization. However, the changes could not be applied because the resource could not be checked out. The checkout failed because the resource is checked out to another user. Resource GUID: c568303a-a742-49fa-9d0f-35ec6397a468

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abdulwriteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some of the project document is in the Checked out and In working progress. So its not able to Sync. So make sure everything checked-in back.
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