Windows Vista spooler crash on domain

I have a new Lenovo X200 Thinkpad running Vista Business SP1 that I have added to a Windows 2003 R2 domain.  I have discovered that if I use a Domain login the Print Spooler crashes at login.   It can be manually restarted, but will immediately crash again if you try to access printers.  However, if I login using a local account the Print Spooler runs fine.  The only Group Policy is the Default Domain Policy and the only items in the login script are network drive mappings.

This crash happens with no additional printers installed over what came preinstalled from Lenovo, the Fax and Office XPS printer.  I was in the process of trying to add network printers when I discovered this problem.

Troubleshooting performed thus far:
1) Used the Windows 2003 Resource Kit CleanSpl.exe to remove all instances of printers from the system.  Print Spooler still crashed at restarted with no printers or drivers installed.

2) At Lenovo's instruction tried installed a USB Printer using the Manufacturers software.  Install failed because Print Spooler service stopped running as soon as the installer launched it to add the printer.

3) At Lenovo's instructions performed a full Factory System Restore - after performing the Restore the only thing I did was add the computer back on to the domain.

All other computers on domain are all running Vista Business SP1 and they have no problem with their printers.  Lenovo has asked me to return the unit to them for evaluation, but I am betting once they discover it works using a local login they will just send it back.  So, anyone have any ideas?

I have already tried the Microsoft Knowledgebase fix
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Avion65Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Replacing the computer solved the problem
Mikael JanssonCommented:
If I understand you correct you dont have any GPO or logon script that tries to map printers?
Do you get any error messages in the eventviewer related to print spooler, printing etc (mainly in system log)?
can you see if you find a user.dmp file in your system, probably under c:\users\ path then I can debug this file and see if I find the cause.
do you get an application error dialog box when the spooler crashes? then there might be a .hdmp file saved in the system (I dont remember how the application error dialog box is in vista) but in xp/2k3server you will have a small blue link in below the error message, this will lead you to a path, and if you open that path you will find the .hdmp file.
/ mikael
Avion65Author Commented:
The laptop is currently with Lenovo.  I will get it back on Monday and will get this information then.
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Mikael JanssonCommented:
Any progress?

Avion65Author Commented:
IBM replaced the Lenovo laptop with a new one.
Mikael JanssonCommented:
Did the replace of computer solve the problem? or do you have the same problem on the new one?
/ Mikael
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