Will Cisco AnyConnect Work with PIX 501?

We've previously used Cisco VPN to connect to our PIX 501 using Windows XP, but now I see that Cisco VPN doesn't work with Windows Vista 64 bit.  Since my only option is Cisco's AnyConnect, will AnyConnect work with a PIX 501 or do I have to upgrade my firewall?  If AnyConnect will work with my PIX, is there a way to import settings from the old Cisco VPN software?

Many thanks!

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Short answer - no.
AnyConnect requires SSL VPN capability which is absent in the PIX lineup. You need ASA5500 series to support AnyConnect
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Hi, Please contact your local cisco partner, and buy asa 5505
You might want to check out an alternative VPN client at http://www.shrew.net/software .  The client can import a CISCO VPN client pcf file so configuration is a cinch!
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