i have a gateway laptop that I want to restore to Factory condition

PC angel is preventing me from accessing the recovery part of the hard drive
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You can't access the recovery partition from Windows.  You can start a recovery from Start > All Programs > System Recovery > Start Recovery.


Reboot the Computer.  Tap the f11 key over and over until the recovery starts before windows begins to load.  Then run the destructive Full recovery.  This will delete all files on the computer and it will be just like factory.

Good Luck HTH.
I believe PC Angel is part of the backup and recovery program, and that shouldn't be removed.
Have you tried pressing f11 on startup in order to access the recovery partition ?

If for some reason you can't get the recovery to work from the recovery partition, if you have it, you can always reload from the disk.  Now, depending on what kind of disk Gateway gives you,  this may only get you back to the original OS without any applications or drivers loaded, but adding them in off the driver/application disk isn't a hard thing to do.  You usually put in the driver and/or application disk and it probably autoruns.  

This is a little more work than getting it from the recovery partition, but if you can't run it from the partition, taking it from the CDs will get the job done.
I am intimately familiar with the gateway computers and their recovery partition and I believe that all three of us gave valid solutions for the asker's issue.
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