Populate Secondary Data Source based on Main Data Source

Hello Experts,

Here's my issue, I've created an Access 2003 query that I am using as a secondary data source.  The query is grouping by buyer name and summing cumulative savings data.  Access 2003 also contains my main tbl which is my Main Data Connection.

What I would like to do is reflect a specific buyer's summed saving when the buyer name field within the Main Data connection is matched to the secondary data source's buyer name field within the query.  In the attached InforPathForm.jpg I would expect the buyer "Joe NoOne" to reflect $217.00 as per the attached AccessQuery.jpg with the "Buyer Cumulative Cost Reduction" field...please help!  :)

p.s. Dhope has somethings that's close to what I am trying to accomplish but I haven't had any luck translating it to my specific situation

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DhopeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Should be doable.
Set a dropdown that reads the main table with the names
When the value in the dropdown changes then a rule will set the value in a text field that picks the value from your secondary source, filtering to pick out the one where the names are the same.  See attached images

Curious why a B rather than A, having giving an accurate answer and a diagram to walk through it.
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