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how to display this new record right away after inserting a new record?

I am working on a oracle form development form version - 11.0.30

I have a master form (block) and a detail form(block) linked by license_id. In the detail form, there is a button. When clicking the button, that will call a procedure to insert a new record to the table

Here is what I process the form.
1. open the master form -LICENSE then go Query->Enter, then input a license_number to display master data.
2. In the master form, there is a button. When clicking this button, it will open a new form and display detail info.
3. There is a button on the detail form to create a new record. Once  the detail form opened, user can press the button to create a new record.

However, I don't see instant results shown on the detail when clicking on the button on detail form. To see the new results, I have to open the detail form and do 1, 2 steps again.

Is there any way to see the result instantly after I press the button on the detail form?
No need to leave the form and re-query again
1 Solution
you can simple requrey your detail-block (without leaving the form)
as sceleton in your button-pressed-trigger


usual i have no experience with maybe new features of version 11.0.30,
therfore, i could also be on a wrong track

meikl ;-)

Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
I think that answer is good :).
What is your Form builder version (when clicking on Help->AboutForm Builder...)? Mine is Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) - it is Forms10g.
It seems to me that 11.0.30 is the version of customized Oracle Application.

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