Any suggestions on how to shorten the delay on a Quickbooks shared file??

I am running Quickbooks 2008 Premier on a SBS 2003 Network (server has Dual 2.8ghz Xeon Processors & 2 GB of Ram). Quickbooks is setup in a multiuser environment with the company file shared off the server. There are 2 workstations connected to Quickbooks running Vista Business or higher... 1 w/ wireless G network access and the other on a 10/100 wired network connection.

My question is if there is anyway to speed up my setup so that I can get rid of the 2-5 sec delay when entering online transactions? Both workstations have gigabit ethernet cards in them ... that being the case do you think it would help if I swapped my switch out in favor of a  10/100/1000 switch? or is there something else I am missing?

Thanks in advance
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tercex11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Switching to a GB switch should certanly help. For the short term make sure the cards are locking at 100 full duplex.
ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh yes you should be able to tell the difference with a 1Gb switch, provideing your current wiring support 1Gb transmission. Also get rid of using wireless (if possible), wireless G gets 54Mbps.
Bluelude1Author Commented:
The only wireless setup I use is on a 17" VAIO and that is primarily because it gets moved a lot ... oddly enough it is the workstation that needs the speed the most (isn't that how it always works)

Thanks for the input. I will be picking up another gigabit switch asap
You need to ensure the workstation has a Gigabite network card installed (instead of a 10/100) and you current wiring supports Gb, otherwise there is no point installing a Gb switch.
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