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I know in 2000 I cannot setup a user to only be able to execute and modify only certain DTS packages.  It is either all of them or none of them.  With SQL Server 2005 or 2008 in SSIS is it possible to do this?
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Nathan RileyFounderAsked:
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Eugene ZCommented:

Integration Services includes the three fixed database-level roles db_dtsadmin, db_dtsltduser, and db_dtsoperator for controlling access to packages
Security Considerations for Integration Services
execution you may try to control via sqlagent jobs for SSIS pack
access you may try to control by placing SSIS pack in folders witj NTFS permissions for specific users
I dont know about user based permissions. But you can set passwords on the packages and share it with only the users that should get access on them
Nathan RileyFounderAuthor Commented:
Well what do you mean users that get access on them?  So I can say that user test can only access these SSIS packages but not others?
I don't think there any option grant the access to perticular SSIS package(s) to one or more logins but you can create a procedure with the option EXECUTE AS  using xp_cmdshell and dtexec to execute ssis package and GRANT the execute permissions to the user.

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