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How do I change partition size on a Raid 2003 Small Business Server SP2?

Of course I want to do this without loosing information, data, or having to reinstall everything.  Can I use a partitioning program and how do I get the Raid drive to see the same size partition and have the same information?  On a regular workstation, this is easy and have done several times.  The raid integration is what has me concerned.
Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
Don S.Commented:
It depends on weather your raid array was setup as one big array and one big logical disk.  If it was, then you can use something like Acronis Disk director to repartion - AFTER YOU BACKUP EVERYTHING.  If the Array is not setup like that, then you will need to change the Array and/or the logical disk using the array configuration utilities specific to your Array card.  Increasing array and/or logical disk size is non destructive - but BACKUP EVERYTHING FIRST.  Decreasing the size of an Array and/or Logical disk is always destructive and cannot be done without restoring from backup.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Which partition do you need to increase?

As long as it's not the C: drive (or the boot or system drive - which are USUALLY but not always C:), you can use Diskpart to extend the volumes.  

This assumes you have replaced your RAIDed disks with LARGER RAIDed disks and that your RAID controller supports expanding RAID volumes.
Use Backup Exec System Recovery.  You can grab a 60 trial from symantec.com.  Make an image backup of the server to a usb hdd.  Then you can change the partition tables, change the raid configuration, even add more drives the the raid.  Then use the self bootable Backup Exec System Recovery CD to boot the system and restore off the usb hdd.  You can even tell it what sizes to make the partition.
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Backup Exec System Recovery would work but be carefull, the eval copy does not come with the system recovery disk.  

Easier solution, sue Paragon Hard drive Manager to resize, since the volume is in place it doesn't see the low level raid information and is not of concern in the resize just like a regular workstation.  If you want to add hard drives to the raid set that's a different story and would require raid expension on the controller.
geekseniorAuthor Commented:
Thanks once again for some excellant advice.
The Symantec website allows you to download both the app and recovery disk as a trial.

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