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base64 encode/decode?


I just XOR'd a string and I want to send it over the internets. Of course now though the string has a bunch of crazy characters in it that is messing up transmission in a URL. I guess I need to base64 encode the output of the XOR before sending it to my server?

Does anyone know of a trusted code snippet that will do the encoding/decoding?

I'm doing this to just keep the average person from seeing this data.

Thank you
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Just a remark (don't accept this as answer, please) : I'm sure you know, but XOR "encryption" is relatively easy to break. So, depending on who you label as the "average user", it might not be sufficient. Maybe something like SSL is more appropriate ?
DJ_AM_JuiceboxAuthor Commented:
Hi Infinity, yeah I'm kind of stuck - my clients are cell phones, and the amount of data I have to encode is like 200kb for upload to my server. The data isn't sensitive - it's just a few art-y type files I created, and I didn't want to make it so easy for someone to simply examine the transfer and see the template guts (it's xml). Just doing an XOR would give me some peace of mind that it's not simply plain text.

I have been using AES in some other projects and it's great, but I'm afraid it will be too slow for that much data on a cell phone.

I don't know much about https, but that seemed like another option to create a secure connectionfrom the cell phones to the server - not sure where to get started with that.

Thanks for any other ideas
If it's just for hiding the fact that you're sending plaintext data that is not sensitive, then an XOR might be sufficient indeed.
DJ_AM_JuiceboxAuthor Commented:
Yeah it's not user data or anything, just didn't want to make it so easy as for a non programmer to copy and paste it.

Thanks, I have some more questions about the XOR.
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