Crystal Reports 2008 in Codegear RAD Studio 2009

Hi Folks,

I've been looking for a day or so now on this, and cannot find any examples on using CR2008 in RADStudio 2009 and was wondering if someone could be kind enough to give me a friendly push in the right direction?

Firstly, I'm using the 30 day eval of CR2008.  We're trying to use CR in a C++ VCL Forms Application.

If I can get as far as opening a report, L'll be right.  The rest of it I can work out myself.  I've imported one of the ActiveX libraries which contains TReport and thought that might be were I could start, but nothing stood out in it.

Any help at all would be really appreciated.


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I don't beleive there is any support for those applicatiions in CR2008.  

Is a C++ Forms VCL application a COM app?
If so CR2008 doesn't support it.  You need to use CR XI R2.

Hi there!

There is a VCL-Component of CrystalReports available on the CR-Homepage. I'm using it to create CR-Reports in Borland C++ Builder 6 and it works great. But I don't know if the VCL-Component work with RAD Studio......


You may have some extra work to do, to get it running in RAD Studio.

Hope it helps a bit.

PAG_PromaxAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I already knew this.  I was hoping for a way of being able to do it without going back a version.  Im happy to award the points because of the effort taken on their behalf more than on the information provide.

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