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Questions about Exchange 2007 and Windows 2003

Hi All,

Okay here goes..... I want to finally upgrade my Exchange 2003 server (which runs flawlessly BTW) to 2007. My currrent scenario is as follows:

1. My current exchange 2003 runs on a Windows 2003 Server.
2. It's of course on a DC because it is NOT connected to my internal network.
3. Users are NOT connected to the exchange servers domain, in fact they run only in workgroup mode. (I know... call me crazy, but we dont have a large amount of users)
4. Its a purely stand alone server just hosting Exchange 2003.
5. I have a seperate DC fo rmy internal network which I am moving users over to slowly as I upgrade them to VISTA and of course later Windows 7.

Well... I know the above may not be the best scenario for using Exchange of any version... but thats the way it is and it works well for me.

Anyway... so with the above in mind... what I would like to know is would setting up Exchange 2007 be okay using the same scenario? Can I run Exchange 2007 on Windows 2003? I realise people say its better to run on Windows 2008 but I am not forking out more money for 2008 when 2003 works and does what I need.

Also... what I had in mind was to simply re-format my existing server and install 2007 from scratch...

Well... I know this is a mouthfull so any suggestions about my setup or what ever would be appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have,

3 Solutions
Yes, I have Exchange installed on a Win 2003 box with no problems. The box is also not a domain controller either but it should also work flawless in your senerio.
BigRussian63Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply... its comforting to know it will work. I would like to hear what some other opinions are also, but thanks for the fast reply.

BigRussian63Author Commented:
Oh... I almost forgot... does Echange 2007 work on a 32-bit system?
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Yes you surely can install exchange 2003 with windows 2003 !!
you will have to install some prerequisites before you install 2x2007 and thats it !!!
Just check these :


Exchange 2007 is a 64 bit application. While there is a 32 bit version, that is for eval only and is not supported for production use.

BigRussian63Author Commented:
I see... thats what I thought... I wish they would make these questions more plain for the 'laymen' like me.

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