Slow Explorer browsing for certain users

Hi guys,

I am having an issue where I have 2 users on a domain with brand new dual and quad core PC's running XP Pro experiencing slow explorer browsing within my computer and the c drive.  Icons in my computer or the C Drive, when clicked on take around 1 second to highlight but clicking on Icons on the desktop is instantaneous. this doesn't sound like much, but is frustrating when working on a brand new computer

When I log in with the domain administrator account I get instantaneous browsing everywhere.

I have tried giving both users admin rights on the domain but this did not help browsing speeds.

It is only these 2 users that have this browsing issue,  the common link between the 2 systems is that the latest Auto Cad is installed on both of them.

I'm not sure if this could be affecting them, but if anyone else has seen something like this or has any ideas then help would be great.

Cheers guys
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This could be caused by many different things, but I'd start by checking My Network Places. If there are links to lots of locations, Explorer will drag. I've disabled mine. I found a useful site when I was in this same boat. Link here: Slow Browsing.
The culprit for me was My Network Places. If that's not the problem, try the other suggestions on that site. Good luck!
I would also check for any mapped network drives which are not active.  When browsing through Windows Explorer, Windows will always try to query any mapped network drives.  If these mappings are not active, you will see some latency when browsing.
Are the users using roaming profiles?
SM17CHAuthor Commented:
The users aren't using roaming profiles, they connect to the domain controller over a VPN connection. they do have several network drives each, so I will check out that suggestion although there are other users in the same office with similar privelages and the same network drives that are not having the issue.
It just seems so wierd that it is only on those accounts and only within my computer or C drive.  Browsing on the desktop is really fast.
its not a massive issue, but users dont like getting a beefy new design computer that struggles to browse the C drive.
Thanks for the info though, I'll check the network drives.
any more ideas would be great.
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