eseutil defrag to external drive

need to do a defrag to an external usb drive. will it automattically put the database back to the db location when done like it normally does when doing the defrag local.
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Alan CoxSr. Systems Engineer | Lead Microsoft CIE Qualified FacilitatorCommented:
I did this once for a client that ran out of room on a unity server (recently deleted 6000 voicemails). He didn't have any space on the server, so USB drive was only option. It took FOREVER!!
The results better be worth it. Since you are even going to a usb drive tells me the defrag is probably needed depending on what 1221 tells you.
it will automatically put the database back to the original drive, i hope you are using following syntax

eseutil.exe /d E:\database.edb /t X:\Tempdatabase.edb

where E:\database.edb is the actual database file

X: is the temp USB drive that you have.

Once the defrag is completed it will automatically copy the file back, however few points that i want you to be aware of.

USB Drive has very Poor I/O & that you should backup your database files before runnin defrag, just in case there is a problem while moving the DB pages across to the USB drive
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