how do I limit access to resources and network places?

Hello all..

Well, my problem is this... I have setup for another branch office to be able to access by vpn into my network and connect through a remote desktop connection to one of my boxes. They will be using financial software on that box that they can only use. However my problem is this... I dont want them to see any other nodes, resources, or surf the Entire Network. I just want them to be on that box and see nothing else. How can I do this?
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sbodnarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just ended up deny access to all shares on the network that the user was able to see.
There can help firewall, or packet filter.  Placement of firewall depends on your network topology.
What software or device do you use for VPN ?
sbodnarAuthor Commented:
I use SBS03 and Im using microsofts VPN tool
Yes, deploy firewall or packet filter in this case on your SBS server. But very probably not all firewall provides you required functionality in this case.
For example can do this.
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