flash banner increases size on rollover

I want to have a top of the page 728 by 90 banner flash file that increases to 180 height on rollover.

What do I do to the space 90 height to 180 height.  Does that have to be flash too..?
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that depends on the HTML...  different web sites use different ways to serve up their media.

a custom solutions would be to have an empty shell swf load in a banner (normal size) and a panel (enlarged size).  on events like roll over and click, you would swap the visibility of the objects.

and as stated before, these banners are placed in a div that is then put on top of other content, ... the transparent wmode allows the larger shell swf (should match the larger panel size) to be see thru.


The expanding banner that you see on websites are typically (99% of the time) placed on there by rich media serving platforms (like doubleclick, eyeblaster, flashtalking etc). They use their own software to allow the expanding flash banner to seemingly overlay the web page.

You may be able to achieve a similar effect by holding your banner in a layer or iframe above your webpage, set the banner swf height to 180 and use wmode=transparent in your swf embedding code.

Then within your flash banner you would have the 90 high artwork on frame 1 let's say and on rollover the timeline plays to reveal the expanded panel.
jerseyguy0Author Commented:
if this is .swf

why dont I see .swf when I goto 'view source'

but when I right click on the ad , I get flash menu

how is this hidden
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