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I am having a serious issue where I work.

The new HP 6910p, Dell OptiPlex 760 and the other new computers from these mainstream distributors use a new network card, the builtin Intel Gigabit 82567 with minor variations in between.

I've built new images for our automatic installation, but they both fail because they are too fast to boot before the NIC finds the network.

Is there any way I can delay the Novell Client from starting up, or anything from starting selected services/exe's up by lets say 5-10 seconds?
(The problem also affects the Novell ZenWorks 6.5 agent which also fails because of this).

I've heard some rumors of regisry hack's that one can use to delay the startup of the client, which of I'd be very grateful if anyone could assist me with!

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I think this this explains what it is you want to do:

Basically, you select a service that loads very near to last, then place the service that you want to delay as a dependency of that service.

This may help in determining the order of the startups:
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
Yes, a bit closer now ;)

However, I am as of yet unable to determine which group I can shove infront of the other to be able to attain what I want.
EITHER make the NIC start earlier, OR let the novell process start later than what it is atm.
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
What I've found out so far:

NetWare Workstation service = Novell Client
Dependant on Group=TDI NetWare Services
Dependant on Service=SRVLOC
In Group=NetworkProvider

Now if I put the Whole NetworkProvider LATER in the bootup process, I achieve the same result as before(logon screen before NIC adapter is read).

I've traced some of the "Dependencies", and it gives me no clue as to what goes where.
I've experimented with placing PNP_TDI infront of PlugAndPlay and have Network Provider last, I achieve the same result.

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TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
I have experimented some more, added a dependency to the ZDM so it starts later, to no avail.

Is it possible to make the services that make the network card work(get its IP) start up faster/earlier?
Don't forget to check the switches.  If spanning tree is enabled, the switch imposes a delay before it allows any traffic on a port.   Most switches have a "fast port" setting or some such to remove the delay, or you can disable spanning tree if you are sure your network is setup correctly.
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
what kind of switches should I look for?
Any examples of a spanning tree?
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
err, I THINK the network is setup correctly, I would like to try with it switched off.
- What if I change network for the computer, what happens then?

"spanning tree" is process for network switches that helps prevent network loops.  A loop is when switch A is connect to Switch B, then switch B is connected back to switch A on a different port.

Generally, when you set up the switch -- most often using a web browser, or perhaps the vendor supplied utility -- somewhere there is a setting to enable or disable the spanning tree protocol.
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
ah, our network has redundancy with 4 independent fibre channel loops.. Maybe best to leave it on ;)
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
but if I change the PNP_TDI + TDI further up in the services bootup sequence, should I not get a result that is closer to what I am aiming for?

TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
Below is a paste of the ServiceGroupOrder\List key in the registry.

System ReservedBoot Bus ExtenderSystem Bus ExtenderSCSI miniportPortPrimary DiskSCSI ClassSCSI CDROM ClassFSFilter InfrastructureFSFilter SystemFSFilter BottomFSFilter Copy ProtectionFSFilter Security EnhancerFSFilter Open FileFSFilter Physical Quota ManagementFSFilter EncryptionFSFilter CompressionFSFilter HSMFSFilter Cluster File SystemFSFilter System RecoveryFSFilter Quota ManagementFSFilter Content ScreenerFSFilter Continuous BackupFSFilter ReplicationFSFilter Anti-VirusFSFilter UndeleteFSFilter Activity MonitorFSFilter TopFilterBoot File SystemBasePointer PortKeyboard PortPointer ClassKeyboard ClassVideo InitVideoVideo SaveFile SystemEvent LogStreams DriversNDIS WrapperCOM InfrastructureUIGroupLocalValidationPlugPlayPNP_TDINDISNetWare ServicesTDINetBIOSGroupShellSvcGroupSchedulerGroupSpoolerGroupAudioGroupSmartCardGroupNetworkProviderRemoteValidationNetDDEGroupParallel arbitratorExtended BasePCI ConfigurationMS Transactions
I've tried to change this around a bit, as I stated earlier.
What I am currently having a hard time to test, is wether or not the logon have any effect, I dont have any "markers" in there which writes when one group is done and it moves to the next... Any ideas?
TheFlyingCorpseAuthor Commented:
I tried this out a bit, and found a solution with reoranizing a greater deal of the services was needed.

In short terms:
Network Provider to the bottom
Move PNP_TDI, NDIS, NetWare Services and TDI further up to under NDIS Wrapper.

This is now solved.
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