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Component to convert video files to flv format - PHP


   Does anyone know of a component which will convert video files to .flv format - using PHP technology? We are already aware of the ffmpeg option, which has a lot of server requirements. Please comment on ant alternate solution if available.

1 Solution
You need an external application of some sort to convert video, PHP cannot do it.

As you noted, FFMPEG is one solution and requires some heavy lifting to setup.

An alternate is to use someone else's service to do so.  For example, take the uploaded file, send it on to Google Video and let them convert it for you.  

Then there are pay services with API's such as heyWatch, http://heywatch.com/page/home - for 10 cents a conversion you can programatically use their service.

Lastly, there is Panda: http://pandastream.com/  Panda is a special built EC2 instance, so for 10 cents an hour you can spin up an EC2 instance, do your video conversion there, than pull it back down[or publish to S3]

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