Error booking meeting from Outlook with Exchange 2007

One off my users get an error message when trying to send a meeting request that includes any of my meeting rooms.
Error: Direct Booking
Test: Cannot directly book a resource for this meeting

It fails only for one user. Works fine for all other. I looked for any settings regarding security and permission on the meeting room, but there is nothing that should lead to this message.

We have tried the enable/disable "Exchanged Cached Mode"-fix without any success.

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itscdoorwayAuthor Commented:
We hade to export all mails, contacts, calendra to pst-files and delte the mailbox before creating a new one for the user.

This solved our issue.
Depending on how you have your resources setup.

Is this user trying to book directly in this resources calendar, or are they creating a booking in their own calendar and inviting the resource?

Ideally they would be creating this booking in their own calendar and inviting the resource.
itscdoorwayAuthor Commented:
The create a meeting in their own calendra, and invites peoples and resources to the meeting.
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