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High end backup solutions

Hi All,
I just have a general query about doing large backups.  Can anybody recommend a fast reliable and scalable solution.  We use HP products at the moment.  Our clients, some of them are reaching over 1TB of data.  At the moment, they're using a HP autoloader connected to a HPDL 380.  Doing a full backup on this takes over a day.  I'd like to look at different options for this client and also for other clients.
Are there faster connections than SCSI?  Is autoloaders the way to go?

All opinions appreciated.

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I still use SCSI with an HP DL380 server with 4TB of direct attached storage arrays and ArcServe, with and MSL6030 Library with two LTO3 drives(scsi attached).

It takes me 12 hours to backup.  What I did was to use multiple streams to backup several volumes concurrently. I do diff backups Mon-Thu and Full on Fridays.

If you need to do Full backups everyday, you may then want to look at a solution that would do a flash copy of the data to cheaper storage that equals your production storage and then backup from there.

BTW, I hated my previous HP autoloader :)
ALso look into dedupe technology, and backup to disk, and then from disk to tape to decrease your backup window size.

Also, look into archiving solutions for data that does not change very much.

I hope this helps !
If the backup windows is a problem, I suggest you look into Continuous Protection products. Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 is a good product if you're running a Windows environment. You synchronize once and then you keep your backup up to data by just copying the delta changes. DPM is mainly a Backup to Disk product so you will need loads of storage. I can copy to tape as well - the advantage is that the copy to tape is local and not data needs to go across the network.
Several OEM's sell dedicated DPM 2007 boxes that are very scalable by adding new external storage.

Backup Exec also has a Continuous Replication product called Continuous Protection Server (CPS).

If you don't like the idea of having lots of disk storage then multiplexing/multistreaming is the way to go. You'll find those capabilities in lots of high end products such as EMC Networker, Symantec NetBackup, CommVault Simpana.

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