Integrate VB.NET application to Asterisk switch

I'm looking to interate my VB.NET application to an Asterisk switch. Meaning: I would like the VB.NET application to connect (logon?) to the switch and initiate calls to either a hard- or softphone. Furthermore I want to get signals (e.g. busy, voicemail, hangup) from the switch nd interpret then in my VB.NET application.

I'm having trouble finding good documentation on this. Same for examples. Can anybody help me to get started? Thanks!
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just setting up calls is fairly easy with a call file.  Basically a file with the information for the call that gets dropped into a directory on the Asterisk system.

But if you want the feedback you probably are going to have to use the manager interface.  This works through a tcp port and will allow you to see activity in real time on your system as well as initiate calls etc.

You do have to be careful that you get the formatting right with the manager interface.

There is a open source project for managing the connection,  it is listed as Alpha but it may be helpful,

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