Add options to PickList via Web Service in 4.0

I want to use a Picklist instead of a Lookup for a couple of fields in the CRM.  Also, I would like my program to automatically add new options to the picklist as they are created by the web developer.  I can't find anything about adding new options to a picklist via the SDK.  Does anyone know how to do this?

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John_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for heads up about the book, I'll look into it.

After picking up hints here and there, I finally spent a couple of hours going through the SDK, and found the InsertOptionValue Message (MetadataService), which looks like just what I need.
I haven't done this personally, but there are some excellent examples of how to extend CRM and tap into the metadata portion of the SDK in a book:

We use the book internally quite a bit.  There is at least one example that talks about copying a picklist from one entity to another.  Seems to me that the same code could probably be used to add new items to an existing picklist.
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