Working Folder for Process.Start when opening document (.xls, .doc, ...) with registered application

In our application we extract some document from a database  (.xls, .doc, .vsd, .pdf, ...) to allow reading it. Thoose document are generaly created read only and after that, they are opened (ShellExecute) with: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("@C:\Documents and Settings\MyUser\Local Settings\Application Data\TmpGeneratedFiles\file.xls");

Our problem is that if you click "save or save as" the proposed directory is the folder of the opened file(usually hidden from the user)
Is there a way to change this default folder to Envireonnement.SpecialFolders.Personal?
We tryed the "WorkingDirectory" of ProcessStartInfo and it doesn't work because IsShellExecute = true.  If not? Any other best practice?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Are you trying to change the "Save As" location for the Excel, after you create the workbook in one location, to something different?
TelDigAuthor Commented:
Kind of!

So we would like to open an existing file from the temporary folder...
but the save as location of excel/word be in the "my documents"
(seem more logic because this path should be hidden from the user with standard explorer setting, and the file is readonly... so cannot be overrwrited)

It's probably impossible (by design)
I tryed that from command line:
       excel /p "d:\workingfolder\" /r "c:\windows\temp\file.xls"
and it doesn't work either, the working folder is used only for "new document"

Bob LearnedCommented:
No, I don't think that there is any configuration element that you could use to override the "default" behavior that you are seeing with Excel.

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TelDigAuthor Commented:

After investigating more... there is no way to "tune this right" because by desing office suite popup the "save as" dialog in the folder of the current opened document, even if a workdir is specified. Thanks for conformation and help... verry appreciated!
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