Replication errors on netware server

A new server was setup with a temp-name
we renamed this server to a production name when went live
replication still shows the new server with the temp name as master
the new server with production name show "new replica"
set another server as the master
tried to remove the phantom temp-name master server from replica
won't let us remove it because it shows as "master"
now we show two masters: a live server and the phantom server

the heading at the top of dsrepair screen shows the phantom name but other screens show the production name
the system console prompt shows correct name
the autoexec file has the correct name

Do you have any suggestions on how to delete this phantom master?
I've tried everything that I know how to get this "phantom" name out of replication.  It's causing errors in various areas.  Thanks.
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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
TID 10080951 has extensive instructions on renaming a server. Basically what it comes down to is that you will have to force the Limber process to start. But IMHO it is better to rebuild the server from scratch, so that all products are properly installed. Manually renaming is error prone, as the server name is embedded in lots of config files which aren't automatically updated.
For future reference, a better way to do this would have been to remove NDS/eDirectory from the server, then rename it and add it back to the tree.

I think your best course of action is to treat the 'temp' server name as a crashed and un-recoverable server .  Check out Novell TID 3338221 at
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