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Lotus Notes messages in All Documents view

wbocamark asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
We run Lotus Domino 6.5.6 with Lotus Notes clients. When an email is deleted it goes to the Trash folder where it remains for 4 days. But when I go to the All Documents view I see messages going back several years. What controls how long messages remain there?
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The all documents view does exactly what it says, it shows all documents in the mail-file, those in the inbox, those in the sent view and those in all the folders. You need to delete a document to make it disappear from the all documents view. You can delete the document from any folder that it appears in, that documnet will no longer appear in the all docs view.
The length of time docs stay in the trash is set by the soft delete time which you can access through the advanced properties tab of the proerties box of the database.


But as I said -- the first thing I did was DELETE the message -- which sends it to Trash where it remains for 4 days. After it disappears from Trash it is still in the All Documents view. Right now there are messages in the All Documents view foing back to 2005. Do I have to delete them from the All Documents view before they are gone for good?
I don't see where you said the message you deleted was still in the all documents view, you simply said you saw messages going back years. As I said "You can delete the document from any folder that it appears in, that documnet will no longer appear in the all docs view" means you don't have to delete them again, if you've deleted them previously.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

First the terminology: there are views and folders. When you delete a document from a folder, only a reference to the document is removed, whereas when you remove a document from a view, it is really deleted.

Also, the mail database is a special one: it has soft-deletions enabled. That means that if a document is deleted from a view (!), the document is marked as deleted, won't appear in any view or folder but in a Trash view.

I suppose you removed documents from the Inbox. The Inbox is a folder, so you won't see those documents in that folder but they will still be available through the All Documents view. Almost the same goes for documents that are mailed out by you, they are in the Sent view (!), but also in the All Documents view.

The list of documents in All Documents contains, as LotusDave says, everything that is in the mail database. Next to received and sent mails, there are the reminders, the appointments, the all-day events and your actions. Some databases also contain the contacts from the address book. So don't even think of throwing all documents from the All Documents view away!

I suppose the (majority of the) documents that remain in the All Documents view are sent mails, next to actions and appointments.
Yes, the terminology is important - if you delete a document from a folder or view it is deleted, if you remove it from a folder it is not deleted. If you remove documents from folders they will not appear in the trash, if you delete documents from folders or views they will appear in the trash.

You will need to delete the documents in the folder and then delete them again in your trash to remove them permanently.  The delete to the Trash is a soft delete.  Essentially, the database script is modified to move the document to the Trash folder on delete.  You must empty your trash just like your recycle bin to delete them permanently.
The soft delete normally has an expiry time set so you don't need to empty itrash like you recycle bin, it will automatically remove those docs that have been in trash longer than the expiry time. I guess your's is set to 96 hours if they delete themselves after 4 days. It's set in the advanced properies tab of the properties box of the database.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

> Essentially, the database script is modified to move the document to the Trash folder on delete.
Hmm, no, that's not where the database script is modified, that's more or less standard when soft-deletions are enabled.

The complete explanation:
Sjef, I'm pleased to see that IBM agree with my explanation. :-).
However I'm not sure that this is helping wbocamark who asked the original question.

Wbocamark,please can you confirm that -
1. you delete email from the inbox
2. it disappears from the inbox and apears in the trash - at this point is it still present in the all docs view?
3. it disappears from the trash after 4 days but is now present in the all docs view

Have we understood your problem correctly?
Also, what version of the mail template are you using? I know you said you are using Notes 6.5.6 but have you also upgradd the mail template?


Responding to LotusDave:
(1) I identified a message in the Inbox and verified that it is in the All Documents view. (The document is dated 2/13/09.)
(2) I deleted it from Inbox and then saw that it was in Trash, in the Deleted Documents view, but not in the All Documents view!
(3) Tomorrow and beyond I will watch to see when it disappears from Trash and then if it appears in the Deleted Documents or All Documents views.
So far so good :-)
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

By the way, have you checked the soft delete settings on the advanced proerties tab?


96 hours, as expected.


The message that I have been tracking is now gone from Trash and is not in the All Documents view. This still doesn't explain why there are messages in the All Documents view that go back several years. I would expect that any document, regardless of its date, should be gone from the All Documents view after being deleted from whatever folder it came from after 96 hours.


I just answered my own question. Those documents are in folders other than the Inbox!
It's good to talk ! :-)

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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

You're supposed to accept the answer(s) that were correct or that helped you most. Can you tell us in which category the accepted answer falls??


Lotus Notes.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

I should have expected that answer...  :-S

What I meant to ask is:
Why did you accept the answer "It's good to talk ! :-)", and also why did you accept it as the one and only correct answer, while I can see multiple answers that were more correct or helpful than the one you accepted.


Sorry for the confusion -- I accepted the latest response from the individual who provided the most direct solution to the problem.
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