How can I add a comma or @ to a DataFormatString

I have the following dataformatstring in a gridview to format a date.  It works quite well, but I'd like to put a comma or @ between the date and time just to be fancy and make the department who's getting this app a little more enthused when they see it.

The string is:

0:M/dd/yyyy h:mm tt
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burakiewiczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
or for the comma
DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;
dt.ToString("M/dd/yyyy , h:mm tt");
previos answer should be
dt.ToString("M/dd/yyyy @ h:mm tt")
dt.ToString("0:M/dd/yyyy @ h:mm tt")
mrcoulsonAuthor Commented:
Wow.  Had no idea it would be so simple.  Lord.  Thanks!
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