How to Bind a checkbox to a binding source object

I am using 2008 and i am having trouble binding to a checkbox on my form.
this is my code
           'chkLevyCharge.Checked = False
            'chkLevyCharge.DataBindings.Add("Checked", bs, "LevyCharge")
it binds to it and when i scroll through the bs object it works, however the problem is when i try and add a new record to the bs (dataset)
bs.addNew() it does not clear the rest of my text boxes which i have bound to the bs, when i comment out the section of code binding to the checkbox then the bs.addnew() method works

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DabasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The code above is in the designer.vb or in your own code?

CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
move the code of binding to the checkbox to the bottom and keep other bindings on the top.
CraigLazarAuthor Commented:
hi the code is not in the vb designer.

to code cruiser
i have bound text fields as well and i am using the same method
            txtAmount.Text = ""
            txtAmount.DataBindings.Add("Text", bs, "Amount")

my code to bind to the checkbox is at the bottom
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Have you tried without the .Clear() line?
CraigLazarAuthor Commented:
to Dabas:
yes i tried that and still same problem
Set a default value for the checkbox column in the dataset. I think the problem is that the field to which the checkbox is bound contains DBNull when a new record is inserted which may be causing problems.
CraigLazarAuthor Commented:
i still battled to get it working, so i landed up using a hidden text box to store the value then i got it working
thanks for the help anyway
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