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Power on a VM from within the console on ESXi

I have a single ESXi server in a remote data center which following a reboot is not reachable. The remote hand say that the console screen is displaying. The config is such that external access is via a locally hosted VM. I suspect this has not started up for some reason.

Is there any way of getting a VM to start from within the local unsupported console session?

1 Solution
Although I have not tried starting a guest from the service console on ESXi. If I were in the ESX service soncole I would run this command
vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/vm path/vmname.vmx start
There is no service console for ESXi ... you will need to install RCLI on a PC, and use that to run a similar command to what MarkZZ has said. If I understand you correctly, it could be that the VM on your ESXi server is not configured to AutoStart.
There are two ways you could solve your problem ...
1) Get the remote tech to use a VI Client to connect to your ESXi Server and do the necessary i.e start up VM and then configure AutoStart options.
2) Use the RCLI command to resolve your problem
So in the RCLI session, you would run this command to start the VM
 vmware-cmd.pl /vmfs/volumes/vm path/vmname.vmx start
You can't programmatically configure Autostart options via the RCLI, but the file that controls the AutoStart options are in this location:
Help and Guidance articles for RCLI here:

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