Xerox Phaser 8560 Not Printing Duplex

I'm having a problem with a Phaser 8560, it's not printing 2 sided even though it's selected in my printing preferences and I have updated the driver.

We have another 8560 that is having no problems.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check to see if the printer can duplex internal documents. I believe one of the demo pages is 2-sided. You can find it in the printer's front panel menu under Information > Information Pages > Print Samples.

Alternatively, set the printer to duplex from the front panel, and then print a configuration page. If neither of these duplexes, then the printer has a problem. If they do print duplex, then the issue is in the driver.
I have the same problem.  The printer will print on both sides of a configuration page with no problem.  If I try to copy a 2 sided document using the buttons on the printer (2 --> 2) it prints each side on a separate sheet of paper.  In addition, if I try to print from a workstation a 2 sided document it puts each side on a separate sheets of paper.

I know the hardware works because it prints the configuration page correctly on both sides of 1 sheet of paper.  I updated the firmware in the printer to the latest release on the Xerox website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
From the front panel you can set duplexing for internal prints, and for copying - these are independent of each other. They are also independent of the driver settings, which control printing from the PC

What driver settings do you use? What copy setting do you use?
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